Long Miles BURUNDI Gaharo - Honey

Long Miles BURUNDI Gaharo - Honey


10 oz

PRODUCER: Long Miles Coffee Project


REGION: Kayanza


VARIETY: Red Bourbon

TASTEs like: plums, sugar cane, milk chocolate

Long Miles Coffee Project is Ben & Kristy Carlson, an American family living in Burundi, passionate about producing amazing coffee and caring for the well-being of the farmers that grow it. The result is a story of beautiful coffees, meaningful relationships & a thriving farming community in the heart of East Africa.

Bukeye is the first washing station built by LMCP, considered a place of innovation, it’s where their coffee scout program was piloted. Scouts work together with agronomists to increase quailty through new methods of experimentation, such as an organic pesticide program targeting antestia (potato defect), post-harvest pruning, mulching and fertilizing campaigns.

The washing station is located close to the Kibia rainforest offering the benefits of a moderate climate and high altitude. The individual micro-climates of each hill combined with the station’s ideal conditions show in the final product.

On Gaharo Hill specifically, scouts are working hard to teach farmers to plant green manures and make organic fertilizer for their fields to lower the acidity of the soils.

Gaharo farmers also grow potatoes, maize, beans, cassava and bananas to sustain income throughout the year.

GOOD TO KNOW: The LMCP Bukeye washing station has over 160 committed employees, most of whom call the surrounding coffee hills home.

• Fermentation Chief: Anicet Nibigira

• Head of Security: Omer Nsavyimana, Omer works together with 5 guards who are dedicated to ensuring security at the washing station, day and night.

• 2 seasonal coffee fermentation and production teams (10-15 members each)

• A team of over thirty dedicated employees responsible for cherry selection, quality monitoring, farmer reception and coffee production

• 142 women devoted to extensive quality control and artisanal curation of coffee parchment.

• 26 coffee scouts responsible for farm-level quality control and farmer education

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