10 oz

WASHING STATION: Deri-Teshome-Gemechu


PROCESS: Fully Washed

VARIETY: Ethiopian Heirloom

TASTEs like: honey, stone fruit, rose

Ethiopian coffee is often purchased through the Ethiopian Coffee Exchange (ECX). In the past the ECX has proven to be challenging place to purchase coffee with transparent traceability.In 2018, changes were made by the ECX, restoring traceability to coffees traded through the system and additionally, licensed exporters were given the freedom to sell coffees outside the ECX. Now giving them the scope to source and develop quality coffee, ultimately pairing the right coffee with the right buyer.

SNAP COFFEE has been operating for over ten years as licensed exporters of Ethiopian coffee, and with this recent change in the system they were presented with a unique opportunity to enter the specialty market. Until 2018, coffees traded through the ECX were stripped of their data, vital information such as farm, region, variety and even water content was lost in the process of combining and dividing lots.

SNAP’s commitment to speciality coffee is led by Negusse, who has surrounded himself with the right coffee professionals and began to invest in education for outgrowing farmers (those who sell their cherries to SNAP washing stations, i.e. Deri-Teshome Gemechu), through training in processing and cleaning methods. They also invest in waste recycling systems and aim to have the majority of their coffees certified organic by 2021.

The Ethiopia Deri is the product of coffee farmers of the Guji region plus SNAP’s investment in washing stations, education and relationships throughout the Ethiopian specialty market. This coffee is the culmination of a unique time of growth in quality coffee for farmers, roasters and coffee drinkers.

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