Long Miles Coffee Project is Ben & Kristy Carlson, an American family living in Burundi, passionate about producing amazing coffee and caring for the well-being of the farmers that grow it. The result is a story of beautiful coffees, meaningful relationships & a thriving farming community in the heart of East Africa. In order to control coffee quality and the price farmers are given for their coffee, LMCP built the Heza Washing Station.
A winding six kilometre walk from the Heza washing station, Nkonge hill produces a unique coffee full of impact. Natural springs find their way out of the hill on Nkonge, making sure its soil is always well watered. Nkonge’s high elevation fosters a harder, slower growing coffee bean. This slow growth coupled with the nutrient rich soil on Nkonge produces some of the most floral and sweet cups in the Long Miles Collection. Nkonge hill is led by a woman chief named Pia. Pia’s hopes are for more development and improved food security on her hill. “It’s hard to hope,”says Pia, ”when so much has been lost.” The war brought great losses to Nkonge, but Pia believes it is now time for peace, and time to grow more coffee. We couldn’t agree with her more.

GOOD TO KNOW: The LMCP Heza washing station has over 90 committed employees, most of whom call the surrounding coffee hills home.

  • Fermentation Chief: Jérémie Nakimuhana

  • A team of over thirty dedicated employees responsible for cherry

  • selection, quality monitoring, farmer reception and coffee production

  • Sixty women devoted to extensive quality control and artisanal curation of coffee parchment.