INFO: Ethiopia:Heleanna


 Heleanna Georgalis  (  right)  with Melanie Leeson from Collaborative Coffee Source -  taken during our Ethiopia Origin trip, November 2015

Heleanna Georgalis (right) with Melanie Leeson from Collaborative Coffee Source - taken during our Ethiopia Origin trip, November 2015

Ethiopia is known to produce undeniably genetically beautiful coffees. Unlike other producing countries, the land still grows wild coffee plants, and varieties have evolved naturally - Combine that with expert sourcing & milling by our dear friend Heleanna, of Moplaco Trading Co., a woman driven by her love for coffee and her love of Ethiopia, and you’ve got a beauty.

  • Heleanna Georgalis took over the reins of her late father's coffee exporting company, MOPLACO.   She has since then earned a reputation for producing high quality Ethiopian coffees. She is involved in multiple aspects of Ethiopian coffee; farming, milling, sourcing, exporting & processing.  
  • We were introduced to Heleanna's efforts by our importer, The Collaborative Coffee Source. Having a good supplier means access to expertly prepared and exported coffee, crucial to sustaining the effort put into coffee production, in order to achieve a sustainable coffee industry.


GOOD TO KNOW: Heleanna is transparent, honest and accessible. She pushes limits and develops new opportunities for specialty coffee roasters and farmers alike.